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Transforming Pacinos - A Grooming Brand's Journey to Conversion Optimization and Brand Enhancement
DTC Garage
October 6, 2023

Client Summary

Pacinos, a men's grooming brand, embarked on an exhilarating journey of transformation with DTC Garage. Emerging as a brand with tremendous potential, Pacinos had successfully expanded its reach into some of the most prominent retailers in the United States, including Target, Walmart, CVS, and more, across various regions. However, they were facing two key challenges that demanded immediate attention.

Client’s Challenge/Problem

  1. Improving Conversion Rates: Pacinos felt that their website was underperforming and not realizing its full potential. They recognized the need to enhance the conversion rate to truly harness the opportunities presented by their brand and product line.
  2. Enhancing Brand Storytelling and User Journey: The second challenge was to create a visually captivating brand story and a seamless user journey. The existing website failed to effectively communicate the essence of Pacinos and provided a suboptimal user experience.

Our Initial Diagnosis

Upon a thorough examination, we diagnosed Pacinos' main issues. Although they boasted an exceptional product line, these gems were obscured by poor visual communication and a disjointed user experience.

Our Solution

We developed a comprehensive solution to address Pacinos' challenges:


Better Use of Imagery

We understood the power of visuals in conveying a brand's essence. To make the brand more relatable and appealing, we focused on enhancing the visual elements on the website.


Improved Brand Communication

Crafting a compelling brand story was at the heart of our strategy. We aimed to showcase Pacinos' uniqueness, values, and mission to connect with the target audience on a deeper level.


Injection of CRO Best Practices

Recognizing the importance of conversion, we incorporated CRO best practices into our approach, ensuring that the website was not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly effective in converting visitors into customers.

Our Process

Our journey with Pacinos began with a meticulous teardown and audit of their existing website. This initial step resembled a doctor's diagnostic process, allowing us to identify the key areas requiring improvement. Once the diagnosis was complete, we transitioned into the design phase, where we explored various creative directions that aligned with Pacinos' brand identity and the client's personal preferences. Following extensive iterations and client approvals, we moved into the development phase, translating our design vision into a functional website.


The transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. Pacinos emerged with a CRO-first branded website that not only showcased their exceptional product line but also provided a frictionless user journey. The results were evident:

  • Improved Conversion Rates: Pacinos experienced a significant boost in their conversion rates, turning more website visitors into loyal customers.
  • Visually Captivating Brand Story: The enhanced imagery and improved brand communication resonated with customers on a deeper level, forging stronger connections.
  • Streamlined User Journey: The user journey was now seamless, with customers navigating the website effortlessly, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

Pacinos' journey with DTC Garage was a testament to the power of strategic design and conversion optimization. It showcased how a brand, armed with a compelling story, effective visuals, and a user-centric approach, could not only thrive but also redefine the grooming industry.



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