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Vital Proteins

Revamping Vital Proteins' Online Presence
Andrés Esquivel
October 6, 2023

Client Summary

Vital Proteins, a prominent player in the collagen industry, has recently made headlines by joining forces with Nestlé. With a brand recognized for its partnerships with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and various influential figures, they had already secured a significant presence in the market.

Client’s Challenge/Problem

1. The Struggles: Vital Proteins found itself grappling with two major hurdles. First, conversion rates were far from ideal. Second, there was a high drop-off rate on the website. These issues were primarily attributed to fragmented messaging and a suboptimal user experience on the site.

2. Andrés' Initial Diagnosis: When Andrés first took a look, he discovered a series of problems. The messaging on the site was unclear and confusing, leaving users puzzled about who Vital Proteins was and why they mattered. The imagery didn't do much to clarify things either; it was unclear if they were selling protein, milk, or some other supplement. Furthermore, there was a lack of information and communication regarding the generic benefits of collagen. The site's product discovery and taxonomy were also in disarray.

The Solution

Andrés out to tackle these challenges head-on:


Clear Visual and Written Messaging

Andrés began by crafting a messaging strategy that made Vital Proteins' identity crystal clear. Users needed to understand who they were, why they mattered, and why collagen's benefits were relevant.


Revamped User Journey

Next, he embarked on a journey to transform the user experience. This included creating a smoother product discovery process, making it easier for customers to find what they were looking for.


CRO Best Practices

Finally, he applied industry-standard CRO techniques, such as placing clear call-to-action buttons and ensuring that vital content was prominently displayed above the fold.

The Process

Andrés adopted a structured approach to address Vital Proteins' issues:

  1. User Research: The journey began with in-depth user research. Andrés utilized UserTesting.com to identify pain points and understand user needs and preferences.
  2. Competitive Analysis: To position Vital Proteins competitively, he conducted a thorough analysis of the collagen market, identifying trends, gaps, and opportunities.
  3. Wireframes and Prototypes: Armed with insights, Andrés crafted wireframes to visualize the revamped user experience. Figma prototypes were then developed to refine the designs and streamline the user journey.
  4. Visual Exploration: As the cherry on top, Andrés ensured that the project aligned seamlessly with Vital Proteins' internal re-branding efforts.


The transformation was remarkable: The new site boasted a visually-stunning design, perfectly aligned with Vital Proteins' refreshed brand identity.



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