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Revamping AQR's Online Presence with DTC Garage
DTC Garage
February 14, 2024

Client Summary

Apex Quality Resources, a group of food safety and quality assurance experts, is a company dedicated to providing Food Safety Audits, Quality Assurance, and Coaching services. Their mission is to ensure food safety and quality in the industry.

Client’s Challenge

AQR found itself facing a significant challenge in the digital realm. Their online presence lacked the engaging and dynamic elements necessary to captivate users. The main problem centered on their website's presentation, which was perceived as uninspiring and somewhat uninviting. This situation hindered their ability to convey the vibrancy and essence of their brand, missing opportunities to generate excitement and enthusiasm among visitors.

Our Solution

At DTC Garage, we took on AQR's challenge and developed a multi-faceted solution to address their struggles effectively:


Improved Web Branding

The goal was clear: to craft an aesthetically effective site that would simultaneously communicate the key selling points of the company.


Improved Visual Messaging

We collaborated with AQR to fine-tune their visual messaging, ensuring it resonated with their target audience and communicated the unique benefits of their services effectively.


Conversion Rate Optimization

To further boost AQR's online performance, we implemented B2B Conversion Rate Optimization strategies. This included optimizing the user journey, enhancing calls to action, and improving overall user experience.

Our Process

Our journey with AQR began with exploration. We delved into creative directions to ensure that AQR's expectations were perfectly aligned with their brand guidelines. The objective was to create a visually stunning site while still effectively communicating the company's key selling points. We then transitioned into the wireframing phase, which served as the blueprint for what was to come. These wireframes evolved into beautiful web compositions that would soon bring AQR's vision to life.


The results were nothing short of remarkable. DTC Garage breathed new life into AQR's online presence, transforming it into a branded site experience that not only communicated the company's Unique Selling Points but also visually conveyed their brand promise.

AQR's website became an engaging and vibrant platform that left visitors excited and eager to explore further. The improved messaging resonated with their target audience, drawing them into the world of food safety and quality assurance. Additionally, our CRO initiatives led to a significant increase in the website's Conversion Rate and Average Order Value (AOV), directly impacting the client's bottom line.



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